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Realm of the Phantoms

Everclear Mysteries of Confusion

Fan Fiction. What???
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A place for fictional writers to congregate---
Meet other writers~~

So, this is a community where friends can share their fictional writings. Interestingly, I have figured out a way that we shall all be able to write our stories without them being stolen and published by people who visit random journals. All you have to do in this community is this:

1) Create a separate LJ account for your stories

2) Make the account friends only, and be sure to only post friends only posts.

3) Join and receive a membership for posting access to Realmsurreal.

4) Post that you've joined and other members will friend you so you can read eachother's fictions

5) When you make a post on your journal, post a link of it to this page. People whom you haven't friended won't be able to access it. Therefore, only friend those you trust because only they will read your stories. :D
After the link, leave a small description or summary about what you have written.

6) How to make a link. Use a "<" and a ">" instead of a "[" and "]". For example purposes, I have to switch them.

[a href="http://livejournal.com/users/shardsofice"] My cool new story [/a]

Of course, "my cool new story" can be substituted by whatever other link you would like to change it to.